Sun's BBQ Resturant

Just finish eating Chinese food at this restaurant on Center Street called Sun's BBQ. This restaurant is usually where you can find me & Dan eating Chinese food here after like 11pm lol. If not there than Eastern Fortune on 16th.

The food at Sun's BBQ is really good but I find the dishes are smaller than other Chinese restaurant and a bit pricier.

I always get the milktea here. It's so GOOD!!! HK style!

Deep fried noodles with seafood. Soooooooo Delicious!

Here's some in my bowl...Just to bug you ppl. =P

This is deep friend shrimp covered in mayo. The BEST shit ever! This is a must try, if you guys decide to try this place out. Probably not the best healthiest dish ever...but it's sooooooooo tasty! 

This is my favorite kind of fried rice of all time. Caviar fried rice. Me and my bf get it every single time.  

Close up picture of this disgustingly delicious shrimp that could possibly shorten your life expectancy. =) 

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