Shibuya Izakaya: Sushi

BEST sushi place in Calgary, hands down! There's great service and fresh sushi every single time...not as fresh as BC sushi but the freshest joint in Calgary lol. BTW, I didn't take pictures of everything I ordered, simple because I was too busy inhaling the food lol.

Creamy Udon is a MUST try! It's like an Asian version of alfredo. So good! Trust me =)

Best beef tataki EVER!! lol I have tried a lot of beef tatakis at other sushi restaurants and Shibuya... is my ALL time favorite. Their beef is always sliced at a perfect width lol and the seasoning is the tastiest here.

Spicy Salmon roll and Salmon sashimi. Mmmmm...I love Salmon!

Raw oysters. I don't really like eating oysters so I wouldn't know what to tell you guys lol. My boyfriend and his friends seem to love it though. =P

Sake Salmon Sushi...LOVE FRESH SALMON!!! and ugh shrimp sushi lol... -.-" I don't remember what the correct name is lol. Ebi? 

And the last picture I took. Kiwi Paradise roll. Never had this before, I just randomly ordered it...&? I LOVED it. =)

Seriously people, go try this place out. =)

449 16 Ave NE 
Calgary, AB T2E1K3

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