Thrifting Haul: Goodwill & Value Village

Went thrifting again on Friday. Sorry for the poor quality pictures again. I dunno why but my Iphone4 camera was being weird. One min it's taking normal pictures and the next blue-ish pictures lol. I seriously need to invest in an actual camera. 


Got all 3 of these cup thingy for $6!!!I thought that was a good deal. I'm gonna use these to organize my jewelry.

I found a high waist-ed leather skirt.  Loving it!

Found this red clutch. I really liked the gold detailing and I thought it would be great, for the color blocking trend this season.

Wow, these pictures really suck lol. Anyways, this is a set of intertwined silver tone bangles. Forever21 has something like this for $6 but my hands are to small and they slip off. ='(


Genuine forest green leather belt. I'm really diggin dark green this year for some reason.

Sheer purple blouse. It was a little to big for me but oh well. I don't really like super fitted blouses anyways. =P

Loving this sweater. I really like the bow and the gold buttons on this. So nautical. =)


Silk scarf.

Gold leather belt.

Fake pearl belt.

Another silk scarf. lol I think I'm gonna start collecting scarfs.

Oversize striped sweater. I wore this off the shoulder today at work, Sooooooooooooooo comfy. =)

And another fake pearl belt lol. I dunno why I bought another one...but I did lol.

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