Body Wash Complexity

Walmart was having a Nivea sale & I thought I would stock up on some body wash. I never in my entire life realized how complex women's soaps were until today! 

Back story.  
For the past decade? I've been using men's body wash. Why? 
1. They smell so darn musky!!! If you read my Dec Favs, you would know how much I love musky scents.
2. The bottle is simple & straight forward. 
3. Their CHEAP.

Anyways,  I came across Nivea new body wash line, it's called Shower Cream Oil. I had no IDEA what the heck shower cream oil was, I even asked my BF. He said it was a shower thingy that JUST made you smell good. Lol, true words. 

I was honestly confused! I went as far as asking Google. Turns out, it is body wash lol.

 Read the bottle! Now read the men's bottle, less confusing right? I don't under why the bottle can't just say, body wash with intensity hydration?! 

I actually bought the men's bottle just in case this shower cream oil wasn't soap lol. I was gonna use the men's one first, than use the women's one after for the scent lol. Dumb right? >.< 

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