1/2 Decade Anniversary

January 16th was my 5th year anniversary with my boyfriend & this is how my day turned out. We headed to Banff National Park, to spend the afternoon at the Banff Upper Hot Springs. The ride there was super short, it only took about an hr to get there from Calgary & the weather was perfect, sunny & warm.

Before heading to the hot springs, we shopped a little at the gift shops and I managed to pick up a amethyst pendant for $10! I ended up turning it into a ring. =) I sorta regret not stocking up on more stones and gems.  


Here is a picture of us at the hot springs. =) The fee for the hot springs was super cheap! Only $7.50.

After Banff, we headed back to Calgary and got ready for dinner. We had dinner reservations at Vintage Chophouse & OMG, I adore that restaurant. The steaks were made to perfection! He ordered the tenderloin & that piece of meat melted in my mouth, no joke! I didn't even have to chew it lol. How often are you able to describe a steak that way?  Anyways, onto my steak, I had the prime rib. It was SOOOOOOOO tender and juicy! Best prime rib I had ever ate. If I was a food critic I would give these steak 10 out of 10. Not only was the food amazing! The service was top notch! The manager was so nice, he didn't charge for 2 of our sides and he wanted to buy us dessert! I wanted to order dessert but I was honestly way to damn full after my 10oz. prime rib lol. I recommend everyone to try this steak house, you won't be disappointed. 

After dinner we went to go watch Jack Reacher...worst movie I ever seen in awhile lol. That is all I have to say. Oh, & what is an anniversary without gifts? =) He got my a Tiffany bracelet and I got him Burberry cuff links.  

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