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My daily routine consists on me checking my Youtube app when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I know, you people think I'm addicted...but I'm not! I can assure you checking youtube a few times a day is perfectly healthy. O.o Anyways I just wanted to make a post about my top 10 youtube channels.

I literally get so happy when I see new videos from these youtubers in my subscription box lol =D

The first 3 I'm youtubers that I'm gonna share is about food...of course!

1. Cookingwithdog

This youtube channel was one of my first subscriptions, just because the quality was great and I love simple cooking! This channel is based on easy Japanese recipes and with a poodle named Francis as the host! lol. Francis accent is quite different and weird at first but you will adapt to it!

2. runnyrunny999

Since I love cookingwithdog so much, I was so happy when I found runnrunny's youtube channel. His channel is pretty much like cookingwithdog but without the dog lol and its more homemade. His cooking show is also about easy Japaneses cooking but he lets his youtube subscribers order food, it's like ordering at a restaurant.
Runny than shows you how to cook the food, than he eats it in front of you! Sorta cruel if you ask me. =/ 

3. Foodwishes

This is my 3rd favorite food channel! This channel consist of American cooking and the host is Chef John. I dunno but there is something about his voice, it's really calming LOL not weird at all...Anyways his channel is in HD which is awesome and his recipes are super simple.

I now have 5 youtubers about fashion & beauty.

1. Clothesencounters

Clothesencounters is my all time favorite fashion youtuber! Just because Jenn is so cute and she has amazing taste. Also her videos are really well done, they sorta remind me what Aritzia brand is about.  Also, what's really unique about her is that 90% of her wardrobe is from a thrift store! This channel has really inspire me to go thrifting too!

...Anyone wanna go with me?

2. Chrisellelim
I love Chrisellelim's channel because she shows you how to wear the current trends and has some DIY videos too. Her styles also inspires my outfits too =)

3. xclosetoreal
I subscribed to xclosetoreal because she does a lot of haul videos lol. I dunno know why but I like to see what people buy, and than when I see something I like I quickly google it. It's sorta my new way of online shopping lol. She also does a lot of OOTD videos to sooo...MORE outfit inspirations!   

4. Beautycrush
I subscribed to beautycrush because of her haul videos lol but also because I LOVE her British accent and her beauty tutorials and her How I Style videos.

5. Stylesuzi
 My subscription to stylesuzi was pretty much why I subscribed to beautycrush LOL. Suzi is also British and I loved her accent and Hauls. Her videos are a but harder to understand I find just because she talks so soft.

My last 2 youtube subscriptions doesn't really have a category...lets call the category Just Because!

1. RRcherrypie
This channel is pretty much about Japanese toys lol. As you already know, Japaneses toy are already cool and funky enough already. BUT the sounds the toys make and the sounds of opening boxes and stuff to get to the toy is very smoothing and addicting. This is what makes the channel unique. lol.

2. Bobaepapa
This channel is about Yerin. She is a super adorable Korean baby girl, with super FAT cheeks. What not to LIKE? After watching this video, you're gonna be poking the screen to try to poke her cheeks! HA! =D

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