The Netflix Battle

There has been an on going battle between me and Netflix for the past few months. I've been trying to convert my Canadian Netflix account to the American version & it is a mother effing pain. Every time I successfully change my IP address on my gadgets (ipad), it would work for like 2 weeks than change back to the Canadian version. After changing my Ipad IP address failed, I changed my internet router address so what ever device I was using the watch Netflix, would be using the American version. That worked and I was happy. Than 2 weeks later...my Netflix changed back to the Canadian version AGAIN!!! I'm starting to get quite depress because I can't watch my shows lol.

Now for you people that think I'm crazy. Here are the reasons why I like the American Netflix better than the Canadian one.

Reasons to want the American Netflix:
1. More shows and movies
2. Updates more frequently
3. Better quality...I could be wrong.
4. Big Bang Theory, Merlin, Vampire Diaries, How it's Made, a lot of TLC shows ETC.

Reasons to not want Canadian Netflix:

1. Less options

Yup that pretty much sums it all up lol. I pay $8 each month and it's the same fee for the American Netflix so I don't understand why I can't have more stuff to watch lol.

If anyone can help me with this Netflix battle...PLEASE help.

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