DIY Ring Holder

Guess what I made last night! I created myself a ring/watch holder.

What Did I use?
-Shoe box lid
-The BF old black tee's 
-Glue gun 

Yup, that was every thing I use. 
How did I make it?
All I did was cut up the t-shirts into strips, rolled it into a spring roll and glued it. That's it! Super easy!

Here are some more Instagram pictures.

I did all of that while drinking coffee lol.

Here are also some actually pictures. Not bad eh? I was thinking about making myself an earring holder and a bracelet holder soon. I saw some ideas on Youtube that I might be willingly to try. 

This was SUPER EASY to make so, give it a try. =)


  1. so cute! i need to do this to my rings!!! kisses from Las Vegas!


    1. thank you so much =) you have an awesome blog.


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