McDonald Monopoly

It's that time of the year again!!! & this year I've been feeling lucky...well just this month. 

Have you noticed? I found a background to take my pictures on! No more carpet backgrounds.

So let me tell you, I never win...ever. Last year me and Dan had McDonald almost every week and not once did I win food. Same thing happens every year when Tim Horton's have their roll up the rim contests. I would drink coffee 2 times a day and the cup would always tell me to try again.  I have the worst luck with contest like these.

BUT! This year it's different. I've only been drinking McCafe coffee in the mornings, to collect these stickers. AND, I've won smalls fries, muffin and a cheese burger! I'm so excited that I've finally won something lol.   

AND GUESS WHAT!? I am one sticker away from winning $20000! That would be crazy if I won...what would I do with $20000? I'll tell you my plan.

The first $2000ish, I would buy myself a Celine Phantom handbag. I've been eyeing those babies for a long time now. Than I would use the rest of that money for a down payment on a really nice house close to downtown. That is my 2 step spending plan lol.

I know it's not really exciting or anything but my boyfriend has convinced me to own a home, rather than owning many material things. You can always buy any material things in the long run after you have a place to live lol.

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