1st Xmas Present of the Season: Ciate Nail Polish

The title of this post sorta speaks for its self. Anyways, my cousin Linda gave me my first present of this Christmas. & let me tell ya, it's pretty cute. 

Remember those chocolate calenders that comes around every Christmas? Linda got me that but in nail polish form...Ciate nail polish that is. 

It has 24 mini nail polish bottles. The calender included most of Ciate polish collection. The ones that are missing are the velvet nails. Not sure how I feel about Velvet nails but it would of been nice if it was included...just saying. >.<

Here is a crap load of pictures of the box and polishes.

The bows on these bottles make them pretty darn cute.

I decided to paint my nails, using the Vintage and Halo polishes. To be honest, the Halo, (the white-ish polish  I'm holding) smells like poison, not joking. It stinks lol.

Here is a picture of my hand holding the bottles awkwardly. lol.

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