September Favs

Here are all the stuff I've been really enjoying during September.

Gobstoppers!!! Are one of my favorite candy...it has to be the chewy kind though!

 Been rocking this handbag errraday lol. I love handbags with two straps/handles, it just makes life a lot easier. This is the Guess Dizzy collection btw.

This lip chap smells AMAZING!! lol it's Nivea new lip chap collection called lip smoothie. The one I have is cranberry and raspberry and omg I love the scent!

Another thing that I have  been almost rocking everyday is this scarf. The print on the scarf is actually a polar bear lol, and I just love how this scarf is HUGE and neural.

These House of Harlow earrings are my current fav. Need I say more?

Lol and the last two things that are apart of last months favorites is ice cream and popcorn. I've been really obsessing over chocolate dipped ice cream bars and Magnum is hands down the best so far! Even though it is a bit pricey for 3-4 ice cream bars a package, they are really worth it. Try it! Ice cream that sounds like a condom brand has to be good right?

For the popcorn part, I have always love kernels popcorn. I would always sneak it in to the theaters cause honestly, who are we kidding now? Cineplex popcorn is just crap. Anyways, for now, my favorite flavor for last month and on going month is ranch.


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