ios 6 Update Review

I just updated my Iphone4 and Ipad2 to the new ios 6. I would like to say...I effing HATE it! First of all that Passbook app piss me off the most lol. When I first saw it, I thought to myself, OK, this will be good, Apple never fails. Than I clicked on it and...It told me to go to the app store to download the boarding passes, tickets, store cards and coupon apps... SERIOUSLY? That app is a waste of space.

After I was getting annoyed of that passbook app, I realized they took out the Youtube app. I was so heartbroken! I love Youtube, I got on it everyday to see new videos from the channels I follow. Super bummed out about that Apple. I also tried searching for Youtube apps but there wasn't any until today. The layout is a bit confusing but it's something at least.

Another thing that was taken away from me was Google Maps. To be honest, That was a bad move Apple. Google maps is the best kind of map out there and you took that away and replaced it with a map that has little details to it... 

The update wasn't that great, I honestly wished I didn't update, oh well. Aside from Those 3 problems, there are some things that were good. Like the fact the app store doesn't always ask for my password to update and stuff. I like the Apps Icons you get when you're trying to send pictures.

Also another cool feature that I love is the call feature. I can decline and call and send that a text that I will call the caller back with one button, or I can reply with a message.

Everyone has their own opinion about the update. I just happen to hate it. 

Dumpling is what my boyfriend is saved under my contacts as...lol I don't actually call him that! & excuse the embarrassing picture of him too lol.  

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