DIY: Customize Toms

I've been meaning to post this entry for sometime now & well here it is. =) I made these for Lisa's birthday a few months ago and I thought it was a good idea to make a DIY post.

Glue (E-6000 is recommended)
Dotting tool
scrap paper

So, your gonna wanna glue the rhinestones on the toms. I dipped my rhinestone in glue first than applied them. I only wanted to do the tips so I used the line that was going diagonally on the toms as a guide line.

After that I just took my nail dotting tool, dipped it in silver nail polish and dotted it between each rhinestones. Lol as you can see I messed up on one...Oh well it gives it character. >.0

And TADAH!!! It is done. Enjoy.

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