Battery Drama

SO...I left my camera charger in Vegas. & you know what's the part that annoyed my the most? I double, no tripled check to see if I was missing anything. Lol I felt pretty darn good when I left Vegas. That is, until I need to charge my camera when I got back to Calgary. I wasn't panicking at the time because I thought to myself, I can just get another one easily.  I'll just go to a camera store and buy it. NO WHERE! & I literally mean NO WHERE sells a charger for the Nikon 1. Not even at Battery World. FML.So, I've been meaning to buy a new charger from ebay but, for some reason keep buying other stuff lol. Anyway, so much for never taking iphone pictures again for my blog. So, I do apologize in advance for any shitty picture quality. =)  

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