Haul:June & a bit of July

Just a few things that I bought when I came back from Vegas.

Jeffery Campbell Leather Flats: $100
I need a new pair of flats that will last me more than a month. I figured I should stop buying cheap flats that would fall apart and invest in better quality flats. Someone also told me that real leather flats don't make your feet stinky too...I hope that true.

Guess Ombre Knit: $98?

Thrifted Rabbit Fur Jacket: $25
I didn't really like that fact that this was a jacket when I found it at Value Village but I bought it anyways because it was super soft rabbit fur. Also I've been trying to find a good quality fur vest for awhile now, so, when I found this for $25, I felt like I hit the jackpot lol. I took it to get the sleeve taken off to turn the jacket into a trendy vest. This guy that  my cousin knows, cut off the sleeves and hand stitched the entire thing for $20!!! And it turned out amazing! 

Guess Faux Leather Jacket: $118
This jacket fits AMAZING! I wanna get another one in camel.

Victoria Secret Lotion: $12?
My friend gave me this lotion and oh my goodness, the texture is so light and fluffy it's crazy!

Ardene sunnies: $8
Remember those Prada sunnies that  everyone was obsessing over? Well, I got a pair lol that's not Prada.

Guess Violet Dress: $128
Gorgeous dress this is, it has a high low skirt. Sold out now I believe.

Guess Skirt: $59

Topshop Sandals: $25
Saw these babies in Vegas for $60. Was thinking about buying a pair but they didn't have my size at all. Found them at the Bay a couple weeks ago and they were on SALE! These are my new favorite sandals.

E600 Glue: $7 Swaroski Rhinestones: $200
Bought some supplies to pimp out my Nikon 1. =D Stay tune for that exciting post.

Naked2: $60 Dior Mascara: $35 Blush&Bronzer: $20

My Beauty Diary Lipgloss: $6 Mist: $8 Lotion: $12

Canada Goose Parka: $650
This is mt all time favorite purchase of the year!!! I finally was able to buy one of these amazing jackets. And if your Canadian and have -30 weather winters, this is your life saver lol. Also the fur hood is so effing fluffy!

Little Burgundy Satchel: $60
I was originally gonna get the Cambridge satchels but I hated how I would have to undo the belt buckel each time. So, I got this one instead because it has magnetic snap buttons.  =D

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  1. You spent $200 on Swaroski rhinestones! Woman, you are crazy! Hahahahaha.

    xoxo Lisa Teacupe | mmmhustler403.blogspot.ca


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