Sweet Mustard Chicken

Hey guys, so I made dinner last night using Chef Johns Sweet and Hot Mustard Chicken recipe. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch8-5XLXRew) &&& this is how it turned out.

I completely forgot to lay the chicken on top of the onions, so I thought I would throw in some onions at the end & use the heat from the oven to cook it...didn't work, the onions were still rare lol.

Made some asparagus wrapped prosciutto as a side dish & served everything on white rice.

The chicken was really good, Chef Johns recipes never disappoints!


  1. yummmm~ looks so yummy!
    i should try doing my own someday... =D

    1. You should check out FoodWishes youtube channel. The recipes are really simple and easy. =)


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