Restaurant: Vin Room

Wow, I feel like this month is going to consist mostly of food lol. 

Last Tuesday, me and a few friends had dinner at the Vin Room on 4th st. for the first time. Enjoy the food pictures!

When I first walked in the restaurant, it gave me a very cozy vibe because the place almost looked like someones living room  & everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves. The food here was very delicious, and the the wine menu was huge! I don't drink wine much so I randomly just chose one & it was surprisingly not gross. =P    

Our waitress was awesome, although  I think she was trying to get everyone drunk lol, every time she came to check up on us, she would ask if we would like more wine, even when we said no the first few times & our glasses were full. 

My overall experience was amazing, I think this place would be great to take your lover and for people that would want a more intimate dinner experience.  

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