Eastern Fortune

Eastern Fortune is my all time favorite Chinese restaurant here in Calgary. The dishes are cheap and soo delicious. Also what great about this place? They give you a crap load of food lol...if you compare to this restaurant to Sun's BBQ. &&& They open super late too! So if your craving Chinese food after the clubs, this place is awesome.

The location is 416 16 Ave NE =)

If you guys follow my on Instagram (xohuynh), you will notice that I go to this restaurant a lot!  

Anyway, me and the bf was helping some friends move to the NW on Sunday and we went to Eastern Fortune for dinner and this is what we ate.

Jelly Fish & Steamed Chicken
 LOVE jelly fish.

Crab Meat Soup
 Lol if your wondering why my soup is soo red...I went a little too crazy with the red vinegar.

Lobster with Creamy White Sauce
 So yummy.

Crispy Chicken
This chicken is to die for. Dip it in the sauce and you've tasted haven. 

 Lol we got this by mistake. It was sorta like sweet and sour pork but it has a hint of curry...it was alright lol.

Steamed Veggie with Mushrooms
 Ohh btw. This are not the correct names of the dishes lol. I'm sorta telling you guys what they are haha.

Cold Mango Pudding
And for dessert we got pudding. Sooo refreshing and cold. Oh and we ate everything with steamed white rice of course lol.

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