Collective Haul

This haul is long over due! I haven't been able to do any hauls this month because I haven't had to chance to take pictures of anything I bought. Anyways, this haul is going to be what I bought within this month. I feel like I bought more things that what I'm gonna show you, lol but yea...these items, are what I can remember buying lol. 

Zara $60
You know what's weird? I use to HATE!!! Light denim and denim jackets lol, and just recently I've been obsessing over this light wash denim jacket! I feel like, I've been really enjoying foods and fashion products that I would never be caught dead in like a year ago!

Everything Stankus Wedges? $80
I am in LOVE with this heel. The platform/wedge gives it a retro feel, which I am currently loving! &!!! The suede is super soft! Lol I wore these to work and I was able to walk around in them for 7hrs!!!

Talula Jacket $120
I have been rocking like jacket to death lately. It is my current FAV!

Toms $55
Lol funny story. I swore to myself that I would never ever own a pair of Toms because they look like kungfu shoes...I ate my own words because I bought this pair a couple weeks ago lol. & I do not regret it at all.

Steve Madden Rain Boots $125
Got a pair of trendy rain boots for the rainy weather in Calgary. I love how they look like regular boots instead of the traditional rain boots.

Guess Road to California Handbag $160
This bag has everything I ever wanted in a bag! Rosegold Studs, tassel, double strap/handle, there is a pocket divider inside...the list goes on. =)

Guess Lace Sleeveless Blouse $59
Love these blouses so much that I got 2!

Guess Cardigan $49?
I don't remember the price to this but it was on sale lol. Original price was like $98 0.0 yea for a cardigan.

Guess Silk Waterfall skirt $108

Guess Denim Blouse $79
Never thought I would love denim so much lol.

Guess Sunglasses $90
These shades have rosegold studs on top. LOVE!

Guess Black Blouses $79 and maxi skirt $98
I figured I would just take a picture of all the black stuff together and not neatly lay it out because they would look the same lol.

Guess Bangle $10 Forever21 Rings about $4 each
Jet set to Paris Loreal Nail Polish $7
Guess Baby Blue denim $109 & Barlettes $39 each H&M Bracelets $7 per bundle
Lol and I got lazy again. But yea...This is what I mostly got this April lol. =)

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