Bacon & Eggs

This past few days, I have been on a crazyyyy!!!! Bacon crave lol I've actually had dreams about bacon. =P & tonight, I finally fed that craving. I made bacon and eggs...for tonights snack. Lol yes...I'm quite a fatty person. Usually when I crave bacon, I would just fry it and eat it like candy lol but I wanted to try something different. Maybe tomorrow, I will just eat plain bacon...*DROOLS*

 LOVE Schneiders bacon because their slices of bacon are so fat lol.

I used 2 bacon stripes.

And 2 eggs.

I cooked the bacon stripes for a bit, than added the eggs on top. I was trying to go for sunny side up.

Added some soysauce.

Seasoned with black pepper and salt.

And BAM! It's done. =) I ate it with some instant noodles, cause I'm Asian like that lol.

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