Punta Cana

Hi guys!!! About a week ago, I went to Dreams Punta Cana Spa & Resort for a wedding & here are some of my vacation pictures. 

Once at the YYC airport...Drinking started early at Chilies behind the security check.

Once on the flight, everyone continued to order drinks &&& the whole wedding party cleared every mini bottle of alcohol on the plane within 4 hours.

Leaving Toronto airport to Punta Cana now. Another 4 hour flight.

Punta Cana's airport. It was an amazing airport. It was pretty much a huge hut made out of straws. 

These pictures are the view from my suite balcony. Beautiful isn't it? & yes, I brought a toy with me. 

This could of been a really good picture of me and  Dan if it wasn't for this guy photo bombing it.

Here some pictures of the beach.

There's flamingos at me resort!! How awesome is that?!

I made instant noodles in a cup lol. Me and Dan got really sick of the buffet food there, so almost every night, we shared a pack of instant noodles. We brought 10 packs/cups of instant noodles because my cousin warned me about the buffet food in advance.

Here is an OOTD at the time lol. I tried to take a picture of my outfits everyday as best as I could with my iphone or self timer but I would forget most of the time.

Bahama Mamas, so good.

This romper was the perfect cover up. I think it's suppose to be a night/pj romper.

Gloomy bear is such a cam whore hey? =P

Grasshopper made from a banana leaf? 

My OOTD to my friends wedding ceremony.The wedding ceremony was on the 12th & after the wedding, everyone would have the rest of the week to do whatever the hell they wanted. 

After the wedding ceremony, we had 2 hours to ourselves to relax or eat before the reception. So I got a mango on a stick!!!

The wedding reception was going to be on a boat for 4 hours-ish. We had to take bus to a different beach.

Here are some pictures of the beach we went to for the boat ride.

Once on the boat, we went to a snorkeling area and swam with some stingrays and nurse sharks.

And after snorkeling...well...we partied! 

Here is a video of the boat reception that out camera guy made. Once the excursion was over, we went back to the resort and lit up some lanterns.

Dinner outfit! We ate at the Asian  restaurant. 

The resort's take on Asian food.

The next day, we went ATVing.

We stopped at this beautiful beach.

My waterproof camera housing was getting a little hot so it started to fog up.

We also stopped by a coffee bean and cigar hut & a cave.

Tiger outfit!

Dinner at the Sea Side Grill. This rib was awesome! The food proportion there was really small. I find that the food takes and hour to come and 2mins to eat lol.  

This is the most potent smelling flower ever.

The last night dinner outfit. We went to the Mexican restaurant. 

Nom noom Nom. The desserts there were really good.

Heading  back to Canada. 
Here are some IG pics of gloomy bear heading back to YYC.

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