50 Facts About Me

1. I have no middle name. It's just Misty Huynh.
2. I'm 100% Vietnamese.
3. I am almost 5'1.
4. I drink coffee because I like the taste.
5. My feet size is US 5.
6. I buy kids shoes. (kids size 3/4)
7. My eyesight is -3.50.
8. I never had a cavity.
9. I had to wear braces for a year and a half. Only to fix my bite and straighten out 2 teeth.
10. I suffer from acne.
11. I cannot use another other tooth paste brand other than Crest.
12. I'm addicted to eBay shopping.
13. I'm good at math but hate it with a passion.
14. I cannot do fast math in my head.
15. When I was little, my parents wouldn't let me eat sweets. I thought tums were candy and I had to sneak fruit roll ups.
16. I hate using electrical tooth brushes.
17. I do not shape my eyebrows.
18. I never had a broken bone.
19. I love watching cartoons.
20. I'm a slow healer. It takes me weeks to heal a small bruise.
21. Every time I go on vacation outside of Canada, I always get sick a week after I return.
22. I do not enjoy truffle oil.
23. I have a daily night routine before I go to sleep. I have to check all my blogs that I read, IG, watch any new youtube videos from my subscriptions & play all of my Ipad games.
24. I cannot keep my closet organised, no matter how hard I try.
25. I'm really quiet in person.
26. I have to wash my hair everyday. I hate my hair feeling oily.
27. In high school, my curfew was 5...pm.
28. I enjoy the colors blue, purple pink and green.
29. I like black clothes. I wear a lot of black.
30. I don't notice the difference when driving with the ebrake on or off.
31. I get attache really easy. I don't like change.
32. When I eat udon, I eat one noodle at a time.
33.  I hate watching chick flicks at the theaters. I think it's a waste of money.
34. I don't like playing video games in front of ppl. I don't like ppl seeing how noob I am.
35. I don't like sugary cereals, I like Cheerios and rice krispy kind if cereals.
36. My first email that I ever created was lil_babee_angelfire@hotmail.com.
37. I like Coca-cola over Pepsi.
38. I like being wrapped up in a blanket. Even if it's summer.
39. If I could sleep in, I would sleep in till 2pm.
40. I have super thin hair.
41. I'm picky about spicy food. I like some things specifically spicy and most things not spicy.
42. I hate horror movies. I refuse to watch any!
43. It's super awkward for me to talk in my baby voice. I just can't do it.
44. I try my best to puck my armpit hairs instead of shaving.
45. I'm not a fan of sweet scents, like cupcakes or roses for perfumes. I like manly scents.
46. During the summer, I get super tanned & during the winter I get super pale.
47. I can't keep my nicely painted nails looking nice for more than 2 days. I start picking at the polish after.
48. My natural hair color isn't a true black. It's more like a super dark brown.
49. I'm obsessed with leather looking bottoms.
50. I've been in a relationship since grade 11. =)

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