Thrifting at Value Village

Hey guys,  I just back home form thrifting at Value Village (104-58th Ave SE location) & I thought I would share my experience with you guys. This location actually just finished getting expanded & renovated so it was very big and very well maintained. However, it's very pricey compared to the Goodwill that was like 10 blocks away. 

I had high hopes that I was gonna find tons of awesome stuff...I didn't. I haven't been having any luck lately & it seems that everything is over picked & over priced. I feel that Value Village is too corporate almost, their prices have raised dramatically over a short period of years & I sometimes have a felling that not all of the profit goes to charity like Goodwill. It's pretty sucky if you ask me, on some stuff you mind as well go to the retail store and buy the item brand new.  

I just want someone to take me thrifting in USA. PLEASE? =P 

I did however, manage to get 2 things though. I found a pair of dark high waisted jeans for $12.99...I bet the Fashion Citizen girls would trip on how expensive that it is lol. 

I'm gonna turn the jeans into high waisted shorts and maybe add some distress on them. The last thing that I found was these awesome coin earrings for $2.99. Very Roman Empire. 

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