Sunday Funday

Had some brunch with the boyfriend at Wurst! Old name to name a restaurant hey? Anyways lol, the restaurant is at the very end of 4th street, it opened not to long ago I think...it's the restaurant with trees in it lol. I'm serious, there is trees, right in the middle of the place! Super cool and trendy lol.

I ordered myself a cup of coffee and they gave me the cutest sugar jar ever!!! 

It was so tiny!

The food at this place was awesome! He got the Lobster Omelette and I got the Smoked Salmon Benedict.

After brunch, we headed to this new candy shop that opened on 17th ave. It's called the Freak Lunchbox.

Honest to Buddha...This place is AWESOME! Lol, Calgary has been lacking in the candy store department for years! And now we finally have one, it's like I died and went to heaven. 

This is place is jammed packed with all sorts of candy, new candy old candy from your childhood you name it they got it!

Not only do they carry candy! They sell awesome random things like this potato gun lol.

I think me and Dan spent about 30mins in the store deciding what kind of candy we should get.

In the end I spent about $12 is candy. Dan thought it was a lot of candy lol I didn't think so, I finished it in like 2days. Never had a cavity in my life ever btw. 

That is all I got lol I told you it wasn't a lot lol.

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