August Favorites

Saw a lot of youtuber's do this, so I thought I would give this month's favorites tag a try.

This Victoria Secret Sheer Water Lilly lotion is to DIE for! It smells so amazing. I swear I can like OD on the scent. Anyways, I've been rocking this lotion in my hair a lot last month. Yes, in my hair. >.< This lotion smells so good and I didn't want to waste the scent on my skin, lol so I put it on my hair cause the scent last longer.LOL. Is it weird, that I use lotion in my hair? It does make my hair soft too...so it does benefit my head. =)

Another one of my Aug's fav is this lotion. Yes another lotion lol. I don't put this one on my hair though! I use it for my hands. This Herbacin Kamille hand cream is amazing! Just a little blob of this on your hands, and instant softness!!! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

My last August fav is this armswag combo. Skull cuff from ebay with my M bracelet from Urban Behavior and my watch. Simple but eye catching!

Sorry if you guys are sick of seeing my carpet lol. I should find a new picture location. <3

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  1. I actually have a friend who does the same thing with her lotion! She puts it in her hair as a perfume!


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