Las Vegas: Part 2

Here is the rest of my Vacation Pictures. I sorta wish I took more interesting pictures lol.

Day 2:

I remember we had to walk to the Wynn side of the hotel and than cut through the Palazzo hotel, every time we wanted to walk the strip because it was a "short cut"...it wasn't lol. Walking outside of the hotels is so much faster to get to places. It would only take me like 5mins to walk a block on the strip but it is so much hotter! Weather there was like +40!!! Anyways, no one would want to walk in the heat for long, so we decided to cut through each hotel lol...which would be a 30min detour just to gain a block on the strip lol.

The Wynn had a path that was covered with  gorgeous tree decorations. The trees had balls of flowers hanging from the branches! So pretty!!! At night time the scenery was even more breath taking.

 We decided to stop by the Bellagio to play slots. I putted in a 20 and won $20!!! Than I lost the $20 lol and ended with what I started with...I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! Dan on the other hand, putted a 20 in and won $60!!! Than Lost $20 lol.

I LOVE Vegas!!! All the slushies have alcohal in them! After I got mine, the boys found a slush bar in the Caesars Palace that has cool cups.

 Lol the cups looked like bongs.

 Lol this is sorta random but look how fricken AMAZING H&M looks at the Forum Shops!!! So big! So colorful!! So much more crap that we don't have!

After checking some of the store, there was a short show playing in the middle of the Forum Shops.

The play was pretty intense, there was fire and water shooting everywhere! After walking around the Forum Shop mall, everyone headed back to the hotel to get ready for EDC. Me and Dan weren't doing so we decided to do some more shopping at the Fashion Show mall...the malls there have confusing mall names lol. After some shopping, we went to a Italian restaurant that was connected to the mall.

Dan bought that shirt at the Nike store lol.

We got onion strips for appetizer, we thought it would come out like onion rings...but long strips instead of circles lol.

I got a pasta that has lobster, snap peas and bacon. OMG!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRICKEN DELICIOUS!

And Dan got chicken, his dish was good too...but mine was way better lol.

I packed up my pasta because I couldn't finish my plate because...well it was fricken huge! Lol omg, stupidest idea ever, we had no microwave in the hotel room to heat it up and we had no eating utensils. Lol I started to use 2 straws as chopsticks.

Lol, at night time every block you walk on the strip, there are so many people handing out escort cards. I was collecting them like pokemon cards lol.

Tehehe, we bought a few bags of spicy cheetos to bring back home because Canada doesn't sell them.

Day 3:

Sandy & Kevin were craving Asian food, so we checked out this resturant called Red at the Wynn.

Thai Tea. It sorta taste like a very sweet milk tea.

Sandy order some chicken feet, which I'm not very fond of because all it is...is skin lol. Anyways, I took a picture of it because the feet were so fat, compared to what I normally see at dim sum and they only serve 3.  Everyone said it tasted really good lol.

I got wonton noodle soup. It wasn't bad, it was pretty good but needed more seasoning. After eating me, Dan & Ryan were craving slushies!!! We went to Lime Ice Frozen Bar in the Palazzo.

LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT CUP! I took a picture on my instagram (xohuynh) with it and it was almost the same height as me lol. Ryan got the Pink Panther flavor.

I don't remember what Dan got but it tasted like strawberries and it was good! I swear that was fill with mostly vodka. If you saw that girl pour the vodka in....she pretty musch used the whole bottle of grey goose lol.

Everyone went to the 2nd night of EDC. I was a little sad that I couldn't go to EDC this year but I'm also so glad that I didn't go this year because it got shut down on Saturday due to crazy wind lol. Me and Dan are planning on going in 2 years though, so if anyone wants to come, start saving up!!! VIP tickets are $500.

Day 4:

We got tickets to go watch  Mystere Cirque Du Soleil. Here is a tip for you guys, don't buy tickets in advance, go to one of the 1/2 price ticket stores on the strips. We got our tickets for $73 each! And that was only half price!!! we also got really good seats too!

The show was really good! I never seen the Cirque Du Soleil shows that comes to Calgary every year so I was super excited to watch one in Vegas. I heard the Calgary show is embarrassing compared to a Vegas show.

I was craving some burgers, so we tried out a burger joint in Treasure Island.

The burgers were HUMUNGOUS!

To add bacon to our burgers, it was $4.50 extra!!!!?

I tried to finish my plate, I really did!!! Best $50 burger meal ever!

Public intoxication is allowed in Vegas lol.

This is out hotel casino entrance. 

See, I told you everything at night is pretty!

Day 5:

Check out time. 

It was time to check out of our hotel but our plane wasn't till 9:30pm. So we left out luggage's at the bell desk & spent the last day walking the rest of the Vegas strip.

This is the cab line. There was fans above us spraying mist. Our plan was to take a cab to the MGM hotel and start walking along the strip from there.

Sorry for the blurry picture, I was walking while taking it lol.

Tehehe, thought this was too funny.

Panda Express!!!

Stopped and check out the M&M store. 4 floors of M&M heaven!

I got purple M&M's for my BFF and green M&M's for my manager's birthday.


The Coca-cola store! My favorite pop.

I love retro stuff! I dunno why but it makes me super happy to see stuff from the past.

We tried out the Around the World Tray. This is how the trays looked.

The Sunfill Mint from Djibouti tasted like mouth wash. =/ Pop shouldn't taste like that.

The Beverly drink from Italy was the grossest! The clear one is the one I'm talking about, it was so gross!!! I dunno how people on Italy can drink that willingly lol. I can't even describe how disgusting it taste lol.

Sunfill Mint & Bervrly was the 2 most grossest drink on the tray lol. The 2 best tasting drink were both from China, Smart Apple and Smart Watermelon. They both taste like carbonated juice. After all that tasting, the original Coca-cola flavor is still my favorite.

There coke machines are touch screen!!! & when you select it, the bottle becomes big and you can spin it and read the labels on the bottle! So high tech!

The Famous Coca-Cola polar bears!


A show was being filmed, while we were walking to Cosmopolitan Hotel. The Hotel was so pretty! There was strings of crystals hanging from the ceiling and wrapping around the bar.

I love Las Vegas! All the decorations are extreme!

At the Caesar Palace Form Shops again. This curved escalator is so amazing.

Last meal in Vegas. Everyone decided to give Asian food a try again.

The sushi was pretty yummy.

But to be honest, everything else was a let down lol.

After dinner we got out luggage's and headed to the airport back to Calgary. I had fun in Vegas for my first time, but I wish I got to do more things there like go to strip club, pool parties, try out the famous koi restaurant and see more shows! Oh well, like I said me and Dan are planning on coming back again in 2 years, I hope I get a chance to do everything than!

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