Las Vegas: Part 1

I'm back from Vegas!!! My plane landed on Wednesday at 12am and I'm still feeling a little jet leg. Anyway, I'm gonna put my vacation picture on this blog entry and  my Vegas haul on a another entry. When I looked over my pictures the other day, I realized that I didn't take that many pictures and most of my pictures are sorta random. Oh well =p.

Day 1:

This was out airport shuttle lol. Ryan's dad borrow this are from Nissan. It looks like a bigger version of Nissan Cube.

Look at him with his murse.


The view of Calgary on the plane.

Landing in Vegas.

 There was slots machines everywhere!!!Every single corner we turned, there was slots machines.

Taking a limo to our hotel...We're sorta important lol.

Look how dark Dan is! You almost can't see him lol.

I stayed at the Encore hotel in Vegas and it was beautiful. The only stupid thing was...we had to pay for wifi. $13 a day like what the f??? At the Wynn...which is pretty much the exact same hotel...just on the other side of the Encore...has free wifi!!! WTF! lol. Anyways, these are the random shots of the hotel.

There was a butterfly theme going on in this hotel lol OMG the Encore smelt amazing! Each hotel in Vegas, had a scent of their own and the encore smelt like flowers or something.

After we checked in the hotel, me and my friends went to the Buffet located in the Encore.

We had to pay first before we could enter, which was different and we had a separated bill after we were done eating for drinks. Such a hassle.

The buffet decor was stunning!!!

First Plate!!!
First alcoholic drink that I drank, it was disgustingly strong lol. I swear all the drinks down there was like a triple shot.

This is what the buffet line look like. Sorta a crappy picture but it was HUGE!

My 2nd and last dish, I was too full and couldn't eat after the first plate for some reason.

After the buffet, we decided to check out our room, which was mine and Dan's room because my friends room wasn't ready yet. BTW, our room was beautiful!

We had a huge window! And this was our view.

Kevin and Ryan, just chilling.

This is our office area of the room.

Our room had a wall which held up the flat screen TV and it also divided the room between the bed and couches.

This is the couch area, which is across from the office area.

King size bed.

The washroom had double sinks. LOVE!!!

Dan took the left side.

And I took the right side lol.

The toilet had a room of its own!!!

Bathtub and shower. Our bathroom was seriously HUGE!!!

This is our hall way. I loved our room, I wish my apartment looked like this lol.

After we checked out my hotel room, everyone decided to check out the pool.

Tehehe my bare legs >.0

 The view when I look up from my chair.

It was insanely hot in Vegas. I don't know how people can live here! I felt like my face was melting off!

Me and Sandy decided to jump in the pool and OMG, it felt so good! 

We had 2 pitchers filled with alcoholic lemonade, I sorta got a buzz when I left the pool lol.

My dinner outfit!!!

We went to a restaurant that was located in the Encore again, and to my disappoint...it sucked balls. I can't remember what the restaurant was called, but it was located next to an Asian influenced restaurant.

 I got the fish and chips. It may look delicious, but trust me, it was so not worth eating it. It has no flavor at all!!! I even dumped a good amount of salt and pepper on it and it still taste bland. Lol I'm not being a picky eater, it's just I know what taste good and what doesn't, lol I should be a food critic for a living. Anyone wanna hire me?

Dan got a steak. He also said it wasn't that great. =/ lol

 After dinner, everyone went up to their room to get ready for EDC and since me and Dan weren't going, we decided to walk the strip.

Everything in Vegas at night was GORGEOUS and so outdone! The Vegas strip at night is a must see, every building and fountain was stunning.
It's Bumblebee!!!

Omg...so much pictures in this post, I'm starting to get tired. Soo...even though I don't have that much exciting pictures of Vegas... I'm gonna be making a 2nd blog post for my other vacation picture and a 3rd blog post for my haul. =)


  1. every thing there was! lol Only thing that was free/cheap was alcohol at the casino lol.


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