Spring Cleaning

I have decided to clean out my closet today and to my surprise, I have a crap load of clothes that I haven't even worn yet. I thought about donating all of it but my emotional attachment just wouldn't let me because I did spend my hard earned money on them. Also, most of my clothes that I'm about to show you are still my favorite pieces in my closet and are in very good condition I never worn them.

So, I created an Ebay store!!! In hopes of finding my favorite pieces a new home, where someone would actually wear them to death!!! lol.

Anyways here is a preview of what I am going to sell. You can find the product info through this link >>> My Ebay Store (mizhuynh)

Ines 100% Silk Skirt
This is one of my favorite skirt! sadly after I bought it, I realized I had nothing to wear it with lol.

Zara Lace Print Skirt
Same with this skirt...
Red Floral Zara Skirt
And this one...
Pink Polka Dot Zara Skirt
And this one lol.
Supre Ivory Lace Blazer
This is one of my favorite blazers. I'm letting this one go because my arm is simply to fat to fit in it now lol. Bummer.

Bebe Gold Metallic Lace Vest
These are just some of the clothes that I am selling on my Ebay.  Check it out =)
My Ebay Store (mizhuynh)
After going through my closet, I realized that all these clothes that I don't want anymore was purchased when I was in high school. & WOW!!! My taste in clothes and style has changed dramatically lol. 

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