Song of the Moment: Payphone

I don't listen to the radio at all, so I'm totally out of the loop for new jams. Any who...I stumbled this song 2 days ago on youtube & I must say...It's pretty darm catchy. =P Maroon5 - Payphone ft Wiz.

I don't really understand the music video...A bank gets robbed and as the robbers are in the middle of robbing the bank, they decide to take off their ski masks to communicate at each other. The point of a ski mask is so people can't identify you! Idiots! That is a robbery foul lol. Another thing I don't understand, is when Adam and his coworker escapes and robs a car and police starts to chase him...makes no sense right?

ANYWAYS! Here is D-Pryde version of Payphone.

I personal like his version over the original. You decide which one you like better. PEACE OUT!!! =)Tehehe...

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