Sorry if my blog is boring you with my hauls...but I don't care I love hauls lol. I dunno what it is but there is some really crazy shoe sales that are going on this weekend! Like INSANELY cheap!

To start off, let me tell you guys that my feet size are a size 5! So it is very VERY difficult to find shoes that fit me lol especially any kind of flats and kitten heels.

Yesterday I found pair of Michael Kors shoes, that were on sale and it was a size 5 and a half...didn't fit me at all! SO...I peeked around the little girls section lol and tried on their shoes size 4/5?...still to big. -.-"

But yea story of my life, I have Cinderella feets! I can never find cute flats that fit me, it is such a pain in the ass. & when I ever do...I buy them in a heartbeat and in every color.

I went to the Bay today and instantly...these pair of booties caught my eye. I didn't buy them right away though because they were a size 6 and a half & I wasn't sure if I could pull them off. So I left them and walked around the Core for a bit. Came back & they were still there! No one bought them! It was definitely fate lol. Tried them on and they looked good! & obviously I bought them lol.

Usually for boots and super high heels, I can get away with wearing a size & a half bigger.
Rachel Roy Leopard Wedge Booties - Original price: $275 Sale Price: $89.99
As I was walking to the cashier to pay, I randomly stumbled upon these furry ones. They were  size 6 and when I saw the sale price, I couldn't resist not buying them.

Expression Fur Belt Boots - Original Price: $109 Sale Price: $24.99
The next 3 shoes are from Aldo.

Loving this raspberry purple.

Aldo Ellenbecker Heels - Original price: $60 Sale Price: $17.49
I wanted these booties since forever! Didn't know what color to buy though until I found these pale grey ones in the sale section...so I went with grey lol.

 I like a good sale, who wouldn't?

Aldo Sandidge Booties - Original Price: $120 Sale Price: $44.99
I have been eying these flats for some time now & I would never try them on because they are a size 36. Aldo's size 36 flats are usually to big for me. Every time I ask to try their 36's, I still had so much space behind my heels but for some reason I still wanted to try these ones on. & GUESS WHAT?! These babes ACTUALLY fit me, like a SOCK!

Aldo Laliberty Ballet Flats - Original Price: $60 Sale Price: $44.98
The next pair of shoes is from H&M and were not on sale. H&M size 36 shoes never ever fit me either but they just launch the Divided collection. I think the Divided collection is more petite because the shoes & clothes actually fit me!

Also, what are these style of shoes called? I never know what to call them lol.

Divided by H&M Tennis Shoe? - Price: $19.95

Tehehehe bought the David Beckham boxers for Dan. Just because David Beckham looked so sexy on the box >.<

David Beckham for H&M Briefs - Price: $17.95

Lol hope my boyfriend doesn't get to mad at me for buying a lot of shoes.

I now have a total of 38 pairs of shoes at his place...which isn't that bad...I also have more shoes stored at my parents house. =) lol


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