Mini Haul!

Just a few things I have bought over the past 2 weeks. =)

Vintage Napin Gold Chunky Chain Necklace : $10 from Ebay
Beginning of this year, I had been looking for a BIG fat chunky gold necklace everywhere! & when I found one on Ebay, I bought it right away. I wish it was more like a choker though...

Disney Universe Wii Game: $30 at Gamestop
 I bought this game because I had a gift card to use up. The game looked super cute and fun...it was cute and all but...not really that much fun.

Vintage Monet Chunky Chain Bracelet: $3 at Etsy
 Can you tell that I have been digging chunky chains this season??

Dark Green Maxi Dress: $15 on Ebay
 I know this dress looks like a pile of green fabric atm...lol but it's actually cute. I have a wedding to go to this Sunday soo...I'll take pictures of me wearing. it =)

A lot of Chupa Chups Lollipops: $4.80 at Superstore
I had the biggest craving for candy on a stick lol. I think I bought enough to last me for a few months.

Color Blocked Blouse: $79 at Guess
I love the black pocket and collar. I also love how the front is short and the the back is long enough to cover my bum. >.0 I'm a little tempted to stud the pocket.

Leopard Wire Headband: $7 on Ebay
I've been wanting a wired headband for awhile & I found a cute one!

Bristle Teasing Brush: $3 on Ebay
I bought this because I dunno how to tease my hair with a normal rat tail comb. >.<

iCushion: $8 at Chapters
I tend to spend my money of useless stuff like this...no wonder why I'm always broke LOL.

Bracelet and Earring: $10 each at Guess
The earring are my current favorite earrings this month, just because their hexagon shaped lol.

I love hauls! I like to see what people buy.


  1. Your blog is awesome !! and the necklace so so cute !
    xoxo from spain love


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