September Fav's

Here are my September fav's.

1. Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser.

This is just a sample that I found under my sink when I ran out of my normal face wash. I didn't think much of it but when I first washed my face with it...I was AMAZED! I used a pea size amount on my silicone face washer thingy and OMG! It was more than enough! The cleanser kept foaming and foaming every time I rubbed my face. It felt so luxurious. I'm definitely glad that I found this gen underneath my sink, I'm definitely going to buy more.

2. Hall Vitamin D in Tropical Pineapple

I got really sick at the end of the month and I needed something to sooth my throat, I saw these at Walmart and picked up a few bags because it was so darn cute. Not only do I love the mini zippy bag but I love the taste! Also! The middle white part gets cold on your tongue.

3. Marc Jacobs OH, LOLA

Been rocking this scent this entire month.

4 & 5. Guess Faux Leather Sleeve Tee and Leather Ankle Booties.

I've been seriously wearing this shirt everyday...it's sorta gross but...it's just so soft and comfy. I actually wasn't a big fan of these booties, I got it because I have been looking for a pair of black booties for a long time and I wasn't willing to dish out $300 for a pair of booties...SO I settled for these because I get discount on it and to be honest, they are pretty darn comfy & I have grown to love these. I rock them more that my Kate & Mel booties now.

6.  J. Crew Crystal Bracelet

Look how pretty this is!!!

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