October Faves

Can you guys believe it's already November? I still can't wrap my head around it. Anyways you know what that means? It means it's time for me to share my favorite things in October. =)

To start off...

CANDY!!! specifically chewy Jolly Ranchers, the awesome twosomes Jolly Ranchers and Mars chocolate bars! My hunnie bought my 3 boxes of Halloween candies for me lol...just for me. I didn't hand them out to kids....all 3 boxes of candies are all mine...because I'm a fat kid lol.

 During the month of October, I've been really addicted to these games. The Sims 3: Super Natural and The Simpsons Tapped Out.

The Super Natural Sims is, in my opinion pretty fun. I turned my households in to vampires and they would suck on other sims blood and stuff lol. & believe it or not...the Vamps sparkles in the sun when you apply the vampire sunblock...damn you Twilight!!!

The Simpsons game is for the Ipad and the Story line is so cute! Homer was playing with his Ipad during work & ends up blowing up Springfield. The objective of this game is to rebuild Springfield.

OHMYGOODNESS!!! This lip balm is the most expensive...IST lip balm I have every purchased. $30!!! Even though it is my most expensive lip balm ever...I really do love it. I live how the casing feels so expensive lol...it's made out of steel I think. & I also love how it makes my lips soft. lately non of my usual lip balms have been moisturizing my lips at all, so I decided to splurge a little on a better quality lip balm.  &&& This baby didn't disappoint me.

These handbag hooks are hands down my best purchase of October. That are hooks that you carry with you in your handbag, and you place the circle part on top on the table top and let the hook part dangle over the edge. Than you hang your handbag on the hook and the weight on the handbag keeps the hook in place. This is very handy for bar tables and pubs and stuff. I found the gold one at Goodwill for $2? And I got the silver one on ebay for about the same price. If you don't have one of these babies...I'm telling you, GET ONE!

If you follow me o Instagram (xohuynh) you will know that this Sephora Cleansing Water is a lot of peoples favorites. What I like about this product is that it removes most of my make up with no effort at all. The only thing that it doesn't remove is my waterproof eyeliner lol. Another thing that I like about this is that the bottle is big and it has a pump!

 This is my current favorite eye make up remover. Nivea Express. I like this because, it actually removes my all of my eye make up...waterproof or not.

 And this is the waterproof creme liner lol. I recommend this product. It's actually waterproof! It won't melt off your eyes lol.
The last October favorites, is this song by Swedish House Mafia.  Enjoy. =)

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