2/3 Wishlist Completed

So...I got another thing from my Christmas wishlist...a gel nail polish kit!!! lol.  Guess I'm just gonna get myself everything I want this year.

I was walking by the nail section of Shoppers Drug Mart and I noticed something new. There was a whole wall of this Nailene brand and their starters kit are only $95. I thought that was a really good deal, so I bought it lol. Simple as that.

The kit comes with everything, even the UV lamp! I think the QUO brand at shoppers was selling the starter kit without the lamp for $60 and the lamp for $80. =S

This kit is SUPER DUPER easy to use. First you have to clean your nails, than put the nail primer on.

Than the base coat and stick your hand under the lamp for 30 seconds.

& instead of counting to 30 seconds, the lamp has a 30 second timer built in.

after the base coat, you now add the polish and put your hand under the lamp for 60 seconds now.

I sorta messed  up a little. I didn't put enough nail polish on my nails and the polish shrunk a bit. lol lessened learned! and after that, you put the base/top coat on your nails once more and let it cure for another 30 seconds.

And the last final step is to clean your nails with the gel cleanser(rubbing alcohol).

TADAHH!!! The whole process only took like...not even 5 minutes.

My nails came out perfect and shiny! This seriously changes how I paint my nails now...hmm...now I have so much regular nail polish that I will never use again. Does anyone want my Essie, OPI and etc. nail polishes?

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