1/3 Wishlist Complete

Guess what I got my self for Christmas?! A Tassimo machine!!! I got this for my self because no one wanted to get me a Tassimo machine lol. Anyway! I got my coffee machines for a really good price. I got mine for $78 at Walmart! Beats paying regular price.

I love how there is just literally one button to press! It's super easy to use. All you have to do is fill water in the back, put in the Tassimo coffee cups and press the big button! & TADAAA! Fresh coffee in 1 minute. I swear it only takes a minute. 

I got the french vanilla and custom roast. To be honest, I prefer the french Vanilla because it smells good lol.

Every time I make the french vanilla, my house ends up smelling so good lol.

Tehe I love my Tassimo!

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