January Through IG

1. New Years. Me & him spent the New Year the Gold & Glitter Party that Hardwell was DJing at. The only thing that we had was gold was our necklaces lol. 2. I'm back at school! & this is the view I get in the morning at school. The joy of morning classes. 

3. Spent the day with this cutie. He was watching Despicable Me on my lap. 4. Me and him went to the J.Cole concert on the 15th. It was ok...J.Cole is not a good live performer in my opinion. 

5. On the 16th, it was mine and his 6 year anniversary. We didn't plan anything special but we did go to a fancy restaurant, the Home Tasting Room on Stephan Ave. It was delicious.   6. This new Korean fried chicken joint just opened up on Kensignton, Wow Chicken. I went with my cousin to try it out. It was ok, nothing to special...Lisa said to try the one in Airdrie called Yum Yum Chicken.

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