10 Youtube Channels I Subscribed

I would like to share with you guys some Youtube channels that I have recently subscribed to.

I have already made a previous Youtube subscription post last year > 10 youtube subscriptions 2012 click if you want to check it out. =)

Ok, lets start off with fashion channels.
1. thefashioncitizen

I have actually been following this channel since last years & I thought I posted it to my last Youtube post but I didn't...WELL, I'm posting it now lol. This channel is hosted by twins in Arizona & I must say, every time they upload something new, I get very excited. Their thrift hauls are addicting to watch and their look books are awesome. &&& I just love how they film & edit their videos, it's pretty much the same way that clothesencounter films & edits her videos. 

This channel belongs to a LA girl named Amy. Again, I love this channels because of the filming & editing. 

This channel has a lot of different shows & host, I subscribed because I liked Amy's The Fashion Statement part of the channel. I don't really care for the other shows lol.


The Inside Chanel videos are addiction...there is something beautiful  about history and fashion together. 

Next Category is FOOD! 

Just like thePlatform, theofficalhungry has many hosts and shows but I only care for one show...the Brothers Green! These 2 hipster boys are too cute.

Japanese cute cooking!!! Who can resist?

This is a Korean cooking channel. The host of this channel has a super cute personality. =)

I love they style of the videos of this channel. It satisfies my stop motion video craves. 

My last 2 channels are sort of random lol.

1. Vat19

These guys own a site called vat19.com & they sell cool useless stuff lol. I just like watching their commercials for the stuff they sell...it's entertaining.

This channel show weird news around the world...need I say more?

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